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Roshan and Amisha

You are lovely people, for us it was the first time tantra massage so quite exciting, but you took care that we felt us quickly at ease, the massage was very nice and felt good for both of us.
We are confident to come back again soon.

Thank you for the wonderful massage,
dear greetings K & M ..
see you soon.
Hello Dear Roshan and Amisha,
We are just back in "Land of the Belgians" arrived in the rain ... Both my wife and I want to say how much we enjoyed our session the day before yesterday. It was just fantastic. Thanks Roshan to have spent his difficult task to such a successful conclusion. my wife herself was surprised. During a previous session several years ago, she gained a less pleasant experience with another Tantra session, and it became more difficult to make this broken trust healed. You did it perfect! Meanwhil we noticed that we have gained with you some extra energy that our relationship has certainly given and give an extra push. Certainly To be repeated !!! Who knows till soon - we surely want to book another several days to come to you! Thanks again to you both. C and J
Hello Roshan and Amisha, I want to tell you that we have experienced it as very fine. We are sure to and want more and more an intense experience.
It was relaxing and we have really enjoyed it. Thank you guys so much for your relaxing atmosphere. Greetings M
Hey Roshan, I found it really quite fine. I was very curious in advance and looked at it, but also found it exciting though.
But you do have a gift to make the atmosphere safe and trusted. That is really fine. I can and dare to surrender and just relax.
Also afterwards after this moment I feel good about.
What I said this afternoon was true: Since I've been with you a couple of times, I feel myself so much better, I feel confident both on work as private. I also believe that as a woman, I am more radiant and also get great comments. Men see me again and let that know as well. Really nice.
I have not felt this for a long time. Too bad I did not realize before. At my work I suddenly have more and better contacts.

Nice weekend and see you soon! Greeting, I.
P. and I have enjoyed.last Saturday very much.
Of course it was exciting and we had to advance over a threshold.
The way you have accompanied us on this was really fantastic.
We are very grateful for that. It was a fantastic experience we will not forget.
A beautiful wedding gift and the icing on the cake of the weekend. We're surely going to come back to you.
First time for a holiday with the family and then we make another appointment.
We are already looking forward to it. A great day and a lovefilled greeting from the both of us. P and P

Dear Amisha & Roshan, three times is the charm... last week I been with you for the third time and it was once again a TOP-experience ... Your loving, respectful and special attention for me, it's so special, I am speakless.

Again I was a little nervous, it nevertheless remains exciting to be with "strange" people. Why is it that this feeling dissapears, when you, Roshan, open the door and asks me to come in. You radiate a very special rest and lots of confidence. When I am with you both there in the Tantric Temple, a sudden feeling of huge peace comes over me, unprecedented but oh so fine.........

If then moments later Amisha is also in the temple the enjoyment starts. This will permanently persist, how long the session also is going to last.
Also the first ritual "Awakening the senses" is so fine, so intimate ... at that time I already spin of in my luck and repeat to myself: "let this take a long time, let this take a long time....."

Dear, beautiful people, I am so glad I have found you and have met. My life has changed since I know you both. Your way of dealing with each other and with me has given me a different look on life.
Your treatment and handling is so pure, so loving and so respectful, with you I can be myself....

On your website you give an explanation of what your Sanskrit names mean; Amisha means as much as pure and honesty and Roshan means shining light.

I dare say that I have seen the light and that this is very pure and very honest.....!!

A visit to your Temple is time and time again, a true gift to your total self and......... FeelsoGood!

Dear Amisha & Roshan, I love you guys ....

Dear Roshan and Amisha, as you know, recently we were with you for our first acquaintance with the tantra and we booked a tantra session for 2 hours.
This session was for us so totally positive. For R a revelation that she completely could "give" herself to an ' unknown person'; for me an experience where I had experienced a complete energy blast where "the relapse did not come ' and the sensual feeling persisted as if a next energy explosion would be possible.
You advised us to go forn an introduction Tantra session with a duration of 2 hours. It was so a special, that it makes us curious about a further introduction to tantra.

So, we would like to experience the dazzle once again and we do not know if it is possible next Wednesday to get a tantra session once again?
We'd love to hear.

Love and warm regards, P and R

Dear Amisha & Roshan, if you've had a very fine experience somewhere you ask yourself sometimes wonder if it can even be better........ I know since this afternoon that that can .... Oh, what did I really enjoy this second time your loving, respectful and special attention. I didn't remember that people could offer each other so much love, I know you guys hardly but have such a splendid, familiar and goiod feeling with you both. This is something I even have not experienced with my best friends.. So this is what Tantra can do to you..?? Not just a massage but attention, passion and a loving approach unprecedented....

Prior to this second visit I have you guys asked for an intense and long session..
Well that's so totally good come to you again, I went with the idea of; "I let it come over me"..
What happened here in your Temple all surpassed my wildest expectations, at the first ritual I already came in a kind of flow, and that remained so till the end........ When I rang the doorbell, I still had doubts about the length of time, did I really want it? Am i capable of a longer session? Is it not too long? Will it get monotonous? Well eventually time flew and before i realised it, it was over.

Still somewhat shaky on my legs. After 2 hours in the car driving home and that was a trip with one big smile on my face. I am still sitting with a wonderful feeling and a big, big smile on my face. I hope this moment continues to hold.

On your site it says the following: "TANTRA is apart from a profound expression of passion between lovers also a gateway to the spiritual awakening and divine happiness" I think I experienced that divine happiness this afternoon, I did not know something like this could arise between people who meet each other only for the second time...

A true gift to your total self and......... FeelsoGood!

I hope this long session will get a sequel and a sequel and a sequel.........

Dear Amisha & Roshan, I love you guys ....

Hello Roshan & Amisha,

What did I have a special experience yesterday afternoon in your beautiful Tantra Temple.
I ended up on your site and it appealed to me very much, the appointment was made ​​very quickly but then the nerves came ...
I went to get a massage by a couple, including a man ... ..

Nervous but also very exciting and special. When I rang the bell and you, Roshan, guided me inside, the ice was quickly broken, you understand the art of Quickly bringing someone at ease . Moments later Amisha joined us and what a relief it was, to hear about what was going to happen in the session. Myself with you So relaxed, immediately so much attention, a real listening ear and so nice to hear you talk about your lifestyle, which as a starter was so impressive.

Then began the real enjoyment, your hands, Amisha to make contact, the "meditation story" Roshan told and the music in the background in your beautiful, intimate and warm temple.
I've never experienced anything like this, what an intense pleasure this is. I had no idea who was on which side, who did what and what hands were on what place. I've tried to surrender, and in that I succeeded reasonably well (but i believe next time this will even be better) . I made a trip, I felt "between Heaven and Earth".

Afterwards I really needed some time to land on earth, but you also gave me that time. What an experience and I never knew or expected that without "that" it could be so Terribly fine and intense. After the session we have just talked about the experience I had and then I felt so incredibly good and at ease with you, it felt like I had known you a for a very long time. LOVELY and so incredibly GOOD FEELING.!
This is my feeling, this is what I was looking for and now that I have finally found it, my way of life is going to change since yesterday afternoon.

I was bouncing off the positive energy on the way back home, and I feel it even now, I wonder how long it persists.

You are such lovely people, it's a long time since I've met people like you.

One downside ... .you're both addictive .. !! I hope there are many, many sessions to follow.

Big kiss and a big hug for both of you. SEE YOU SOON...

xx, J
My husband and I have walked around with a big smile whole weekend long . Thank you very much for that yet! We enjoyed your massage and it is what us concerns repeating worth. What a gift !!!
Yours B & A
Dear people,
I want to thank for the special experience that you have given us. We are still both completely full of it and are still talking about.
Cheers S
The experience was unforgettable as I pointed out during our first meeting. I have the tingling in my body, which your hands and your warmth to weight have raised and felt it for days. It made ​​a deep impression on me. Namaste and thank you very much for the truly fantastic massage. I had been so assessed given my own experiences a bit but the half hour flew past faster than I thought. And this in a state of complete trust and loving attention from you. Really incredible how effortlessly you succeeded in letting me relax completely and enjoy the flow of your tingling and warm hands. I then floated home, and that feeling was present for several days. And I can still easily recall.
Hello Roshan and Amisha, Again thank you for the session, we both have intensely enjoyed it, I still feel great in my skin, free from tension and blockages. Again, It was very special, thanks! Until the next time, warmly greeting, N
We want to thank you for the wonderful Tantra massage we received last Friday. My wife, I just talked to her, has a very pleasant and energetic feeling thanks to the massage. I , on the contrary, enjoyed the massage, but felt very empty. I have the idea that, in terms of energy, the massage has drained me. Neverhteless, our compliments for you. It was in one word: devotional. One thing is certain, we thought it enjoyable. Nothing but praise for the Tantra massage and be sure that in some time we will make a new appointment. Jullie have various treatments on the site, maybe you can advise us in another massage we should try. Warm Regards, R & E

I just would like to thank you for the massage! I still have a great feeling in my body. Although I did not really feel anything immediately afterwards, I now can! Can somehow recall the feeling and immediately feel the energy flowing!

I definitely want to still come back again and would just like to know more.

I wish you both a nice weekend! M.

I'm still in a flow after the tantra last week ..
Thank you so much Greeting Fr

Thanks for the wonderful and "open" evening in your Tantra temple, for me it was surprising and wonderful to meet each other so relaxed, I thank you for that. Warm greeting, J. N

we wanted to thank you again for the wonderful massage. it was very special for both of us. We were nervous and surprised. Before, we were sure that we wanted this, but still.
Back home we felt so good, cheerful. we can properly talk about and think the same about it, it's been good for us. It is an incentive for our relationship.
we really felt at ease with you. I think you will still see us. more often

I thank you for the love and attention that you met towards me. The touch game in the beginning was very special, but at the same time reassuring.
The massage brought me into a deep rest, and yet all the energy was flowing again.
During the days that followed, I still feel the beneficial effect of the session, and I could better cope with the disease that makes me life miserable. I am glad to have met you. Love R.

the years that I come by, have changed me so much. Tantra has made me certainly much more aware and confident . I notice that I have a very different position in life now.
J. V. Sliedrecht

It's two weeks ago, but still there is a flow of energy every day, a moment of joy caused by the great tantra massage that I received of Roshan.
It is a celebration of unconstrained caress, loving touch and especially long massage strokes. The massage is from the very first moment your hand touched my skin until the last moment one drawn out, intensive caress. A seamless course of the relaxing touch to a deep relaxation where I came in a sense of infinity, in terms of both space and time. The slight disorientation afterwards told me that i forgot my sense of time. One and a half hours, but it felt like two and a half. The casual and sincere, I also experienced during the making of the appointment, when Amisha advised me to do a session with Roshan. Thanks for this introduction to Tantra. An

Wanted to thank you again for the special experience! I thought it was really a particularly intense experience! It has given me a lot of inspiration to deepen myself further into the tantra! I need you honestly say.. I have had other Tantric massage experiences in the past ... now I experienced this, I have to laugh about those experiences! What I noticed is that this massage music was much, much, much more intense. There was a lot more attention to the whole body and I had the idea that energy was built up instead of ' fading away'. Greetings s. Namaste for you both Roshan and Amisha,

Thanks for the wonderful relaxing massage. I enjoyed it and look forward to next time. 'm Curious to learn more about and experience Tantra. greetings H

Thank you again for the warm and loving session, which I have experienced with you both this afternoon. I was initially strained because I didn't know what awaited me. I've had various tantra massages may receive, this was completely new to me. By your warmth and love and radiated tranquility the tension faded away quickly and I could surrender to the moment. A heartwarming experience. I am already looking forward to a next appointment. Would also like to receive your newsletter.Warmly Greeting, Jp

I thought it was really great! It was the first time in a long time, that my thoughts were nowhere and sense of time was gone. It was just wonderful to get to enjoy your warmth. I think you are very nice and special people. I look forward to the next session with you. See you soon Love, J.
It was great again. Many thanks. Greetings, J.
Thanks for the pleasant, relaxed and warm moments and is definitely worth repeating. Gr. B. and V.
After my first experience with a soothing massage by Amisha, I'll definitely come back and a week later followed a four hands massage according to Tantric insights. For me the first time and quite exciting.
By the calm and attention from both of you I felt quickly at ease. Compliments for it. I felt so peaceful that I no longer felt who was massaging where. I experienced total relaxation. Your warm hands felt really good.
I have gotten the hang of this first tantra experience and surely will come back. Also the time you've spent after the massage to me in the conversation felt as if I already knew you guys as true friends for years. 
You're both beautiful peoplel at the inner and the outer side, that give me strength in such a difficult period of life, so that I can see light again at the end of the tunnel.
The warmth and love that you radiate and give during the massage is something you just have to experience and that there comes a sequel should be clear. See you soon. R

With this I want to thank you so much for the wonderful Tantric massage you gave me. 10 times did I already allow myself to enjoy .......; what need to say more!. You have great hands and gives a great massage!. For all the ladies who -yet- do not dare: You do not know what you're missing !!! I wish every woman such a wonderful massage; pure and beautiful ...... a special experience. And Roshan is very reliable and honest. I hope I can often enjoy your Massages

Warm regards, Wilma

The Tantra was very relaxing and I still can not believe that 1.5 hours passed so soon. My compliments to you, I think. E. E.
First of all thank you for the wonderful massage,
what a rest is radiated
I've Really enjoyed it. As I said, I'll be back once more quickly and plan to enjoy it even more.

With warm greetings RJ
Want to thank you for the very nice massage. Thanks for that! Yesterday was a bad day for me, maybe not the ideal situation for entertainment than to receive a massage. Yet I felt a lot better and calmer after the massage . Thanks. Kind regards both of A. K.
In advance I have already appreciated your site with a 10, if only it is for the way you treat the customers via e-mail. W. from Utrecht

We really enjoyed it and we felt very safe with you, and in the approach of the workshop. It was a very special, relaxed and loving evening.

Lots of love, M. and C.

I just wanted to respond to the workshop yesterday. It was a very special experience. There was no shame and, moreover, there was a very open / free-spoken atmosphere. You did it very good indeed. It certainly was a very informative workshop.

I have had such a wonderful experience with tantric massage. Success with you all the time. R. from Indonesia

Tantra has really changed me and my life. It has a lot of disconnected with me. I am very much changed by (among others more freely and become more assertive) I am and always will be grateful and thankful for you my whole life long. It has also given life to me an entirely different perspective.


I would like to respond to my experiences with the workshop on Thursday. I had no idea what awaited me in advance. Got me on that night, and so far, surprised at the manner of intimacy that was possible on that night, with eventually two for me totally unknown people. There was a completely uninhibited atmosphere where there was no shame. It was all very natural, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. Sexuality in General is always considered "messing around", because it is in the public moral inappropriate. I would like to have been specified for if there are follow-up nights. I find it very unique. Thank you for this achievement. Warm regards, Jan

I wanted to say thanks for the energetic and relaxing massage. Long thought about it, but always a little something of ... I would sure like to do it once but where? At your place I knew the atmosphere was all the way top, so I made an appointment.
Well, you're going to see me again, Jim .... it's real addictive...

I would like to report that I found your approach very pleasant and I feel that I really have spent time just in another world. I left with the feeling to have been with visiting friends. Greetings H and B

It was another great session. I have really enjoyed it. Also our conversations, for after and during these sessions, I appreciate very much. Certainly what you all had to say now about Tantra. J. from Sliedrecht I had to the plan to email, how fantastic you're massage is, the best ever !!!!!!!See you soon. Nice that you had provided a free parking. Goodbye. J. of Utrecht
My compliments for this evenening. The massage was really great, I have tried out many Tantric massages, by different people, but you are definitely at the top, and next to that you're sweet and warm people, super.
I come back, of course.
Thanks and until next time.

Warm regards R.
Dear men and women, every human being wants something a little different in his/her life. Indulge in a delicious Tantra session with this sweet couple together or with him alone. A Tantra session with this couple is something that no man/woman wants to miss. So men/women do not hesitate to make an appointment with them and you can imagine yourself in the seventh heaven during but also after the treatment. M. from Rotterdam
I've just taken a look on your website. It all looks really fantastic. I think now all complete, bright, and clear. It will have been quite a lot of work but it's really become a website where you can be proud of! The comments are also very nice to read. Certainly if you read how one sees you as a couple. Heartwarming! And surely rightl Because You are also a very nice couple indeed ! J. from Sliedrecht Thanks for my first real tantra experience, I really enjoyed it.. and as I said yesterday, I ' woke up ' twice when i heard the "bubbles" in your music.. total relaxation.. your warm hands felt really good.. felt really that I only had to relax and got attention, only receiving; the respect you have for other people, can only be answered with respect back.. I admire that in you, really.. J.L.
Everything was so pure, so harmonious. You are a beautiful couple. These days where there are so many commands, both advised or prohibited, one would almost advise to teach such a Tantric massage to young people. It sounds utopian but so there would be more respect for each other and there would be possibly less stranded marriages and relationships. I wish you much success, in any case to be repeated. H. from Belgium You are wonderful people within and on the outside that have given me ultimate peace with likewise ultimate pleasure. L. From Amersfoort
I want to thank for the unforgettable experience I was allowed to experience with you.
As I said, there went a world open to me and you are besides the experience very sweet people. B. from the Hague
It was very very nice to meet you and to let me experience such a wonderful massage.
I've enjoyed it very much, as I said this afternoon, what you clearly much have noticed and hope very soon to be able to come along again. It is really SUPER but it could not be otherwise with such a fine couple like you, guys. Thanks again for the new experience and the massage. Thanks for the emails and wishing you a very nice weekend. G.
Also this time (the 2nd for me) was once again SUPER. I have enjoyed it very much again and feel like reborn what can it be different with such a SUPER couple as you. The warmth and love that you radiate and give during the massage is not to explain. You just have to experience!
You are just from the top shelf. I hope there are more people who understand how important a good massage is for your body and mind and especially in your hands because then they are sure in the right place. Thanks again for the wonderful massage.
With warm greetings and see you soon, G.
It was wonderful to experience your teamwork. The subtle touches, the soft strokes and the warm atmosphere of sincere attention and love for me as a client. I felt as a participant in the ceremony part of our three-unit. I'll definitely be back to experience this again. A. from Brabant

Roshan, I want to thank you for the wonderful massage and good conversation.

I feel very good, fit and I can move more properly. You're a good masseur. C. Z

I now have enjoyed your delicious hands a few times. The ordinary sessions are too short for me, but even the longest session does not last long enough for me. As you have treated me the first time that gave me so much confidence and love, was just not to be described in words. The times we have chosen for long sessions and always with the three of us, I feel very comfortable with that. These sessions are as you told me describe, Tantra, based on on sensuality and not on sex. This gives a satisfaction which is better than sex. The energy which you give me is so powerful, that the first time that i made live after this session it gave a really good and satisfied discharge. As free as you deal with this, it gives so much satisfaction. I can recommend it to everyone. Sincerely, w. (Oud-beijerland)

It was quite an experience for me again to receive such a delicious massage by the two of you. The way you both can bring someone in a state of relaxation during the massage. And also that new music that you have now is definitely better during the massage. And as I said I also did something more to my breathing during the massage itself, and was now also more at ease than the first time. Thanks for the wonderful massage Greetings, Marco.

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